Mike Man-Wa Yang is a Chinese artist originated from Hong Kong. His devotion in painting started at very young age. At the age of 16, Mike began taking up arts and design learning. After completing high school, he enrolled to the First Design College in Hong Kong, then became a designer after graduation, and continued his study in water color painting after work. During that period of time, he brought to light and targeted fine art to be his goal to pursue. In 1988, he quitted the designer job and signed up to the Fine Art Academy of Guangzhou, China, with specialization in oil painting. Mike returned to Hong Kong after graduation and worked as a freelance artist as well as a teaching professional in an art school afterward. He also sat himself in a philosophy class in the Chinese University in Hong Kong in order to broaden his artistic thinking and world view. Until 1993, Mike has held 4 personal art shows in Hong Kong that drew critics' attention with moderate acclaims.

In 1994, Mike moved to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and continued his artistic aspiration. He immersed himself in concept and skill exploration in painting, in search of a personal style by simulating traditional craftwork and striking for transcendence. The life in Canada, at the same time, exposes Mike to numerous opportunities of contemporary arts through exchange with various creative artists in art shows. The first decade in Canada saw Mike a leap of progress not only in skills and knowledge, but also style and thought. Since 1999, Mike started putting his painting to sale in studios and art fairs, and signified himself an artist that successfully integrating traditional Chinese methodology with Western perspectives. This synergy depicted a combination of cultural heritage and contemporary elements, and made Mike a unique artists and stands among his peers.




Diploma in Graphic Design

First Design College, Hong Kong


Enrolled in drawing and water color painting

Mountain & Moon Studio, Hong Kong


Diploma in Oil Painting

The Fine Art Academy of Guangzhou, China


Certificate in 3-D animations

Algonquin College Ottawa, Canada


Enrolled in abstract paintings course

Bank Street Studios Ottawa, Canada




1987  Art show at Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

1989  2nd art show at Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

1992  Personal art show at Hong Kong Artists Association

1993  3rd art show at Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

1999  Ottawa Art in the Park exhibition, Canada

2000  Ottawa Art in the Park exhibition, Canada

2000-01  Gamma Ray Gallery (Ottawa) art exhibition and sales, Canada      

2003-09  Art sales at Ottawa Multimage Home Decoration, Canada

2004  Personal art show at Francescos coffee shop, Canada

2005  Toronto One of A Kind Show, Canada

2006  Ottawa Art in the Park exhibition, Canada

2007  Toronto Artexpo. Canada

2010  Ottawa Art in the Park exhibition, Canada

2011  Ottawa Art in the park exbibition, Canada

2012  Ottawa Art in the park exbibition, Canada

2014-19 teach at SHEP(home school group)

2005-19 teach at Mike Yang Studio


Mike Yang Studio